Use the National Lottery As a Charity Funding Idea

Unfortunately many charities fail to benefit from donations from the National lottery, with the small charities possibly missing out the most. However, today all need not be lost, as a different method of setting up a lottery funding project is now available. In 2005 this idea was taken on board by some of the Premier League football clubs, usually to finance the recruitment and coaching of new players with the potential to maybe one day make the first team. Charities have now caught on to the potential that this lottery fund raising idea can allow them to offer their supporters something of value in return for their donations, rather than relying on them to give freely only when they can afford it. And, as the lottery is a fun pastime already enjoyed by 20 million people in the UK every week, by clubbing together and donating to the charity of their choice, they can now enjoy their pastime with a much greater advantage than if they played the lottery on their own. Count up the number of supporters in your club or organisation. What is the result? Whatever the number, multiply it by four and that is the potential number of pounds (GBP) that your charity could be benefiting by on a regular basis. A kind of charity funding on autopilot. Below is a brief review of how it works. Your supporters can join either a Euro Millions lottery syndicate or a UK National Lottery syndicate from your website (allocated to you when you apply) which will have your charity name at the top. They can play just once or continually, but each time with at least one guaranteed number in every draw and for only £5 a week, of which your charity receives one pound in commission each time they play. All winnings are divided equally between the syndicate members and distributed to members after each draw. No commission whatsoever is taken from winnings and the whole process is completed automatically online so that all the charity has to do, is to promote their website. The operating company have been running this International lottery system since 2002 and do not charge anyone to join in, and being members of the UK Lotteries Council, everything is above board and legal and run in a professional way.