Gabriela Rocha, was born in São Paulo, on March 13, 1994. She has been practicing singing for seven years three times a week. Gabriela was only five years old when she began her musical career in the church that was scouring. It was there that he participated in the first contest of his life, a festival of infantile talents. The presentation pleased many parents, who hired a singing teacher for their daughter.

In June 2005, Gabriela, aged 13, enrolled for Young Talents and in March 2006 she made her debut in the Raul Gil Program. He participated in the Raul Gil program.

On November 30, 2008, he released a Gospel CD by Luar Music hinos evangélicos, called Brothers in the Faith, with the participation of young talent Elias dos Santos.

Owner of a remarkable voice, Gabriela has sung throughout Brazil and impacted lives through her ministrations with authenticity and personality. With the focus of taking Christ’s love to crowds, the visibility of his ministrations finds expression in social networks and digital platforms. In its YouTube channel with more than 1 billion views, it is more than 4.1 million subscribers, being the largest of a gospel singer in the world.
In June 2005, at the age of 11, Gabriela started her career by participating in the Young Talents competition on the national TV show Raul Gil, after several disputes in May 2007, won the contest.

Since 2008, he has participated several times in the Raul Gil program in the “Tribute to the Artist” painting, interpreting hits from gospel singers with a touch of Brazil with his voice.

Gabriela is heavily present in her social networks with more than 10 million followers, who can follow posts about God’s messages, clips, news, awards campaigns, and live videos where she interacts directly with her audience.